The characters Caroline and Kate (Sarah Lancashire and Nina Sosanya) created by Sally Wainwright in Last Tango in Halifax are very similar to Sara and Julia in my novel Seeking Sara Summers.

caroline and kate

If you’re like me, you love the Caroline and Kate storyline on Last Tango in Halifax. If I am ever lucky enough to be in a room with the show’s creator, Sally Wainwright, I will thank her personally. And if she’s open to hugs, I will give her a big one. Thank you, Sally. Thank you for writing a story about two intelligent and mature women who fall in love. You affirm and celebrate those of us who have similar storylines. I wish you much success.

lesbian novel, seeking sara summersMy novel, Seeking Sara Summers, published in 2008, has a similar storyline as Caroline and Kate’s. To show you what I mean, I have compared the two main characters in my book, Sara and Julia, to the characters Carolina and Kate in Last Tango in Halifax.

Both contain thoughtful, intelligent women in their forties who came into a same-sex relationship later in life. Sometimes reluctantly, but also bravely.

If Last Tango in Halifax is between seasons (or episodes!) and you are missing Caroline and Kate’s story, I hope you’ll check out my novel, Seeking Sara Summers.

Last Tango in Halifax (television program)

Caroline’s character traits: intelligent, warm, take-charge, kind, extroverted, funny, can be cautious and sarcastic, leads with the head, more successful at work than in relationships, married to someone who doesn’t appreciate her. Moral. A good and loyal mother, yet firm. Great sense of humor. A leader, not a follower. Kate is her first relationship with a woman. A reluctant lesbian, but once she’s in, she’s in.last tango in halifax

Kate’s character traits: musical, poetic, intelligent, gets hurt more easily, courageous, introverted, loves to laugh, wants to be somebody’s “mum,” sincere, leads with the heart, but then shuts down if she gets hurt. Has a good sense of who she is and what’s she’s not. More of a follower than a leader, but also independent. Was married before, but also in relationships with women? (We don’t really know this, but I imagine it could be true.)

Seeking Sara Summers (novel)

Sara’s character traits: intelligent, cautious, thoughtful, sincere, married to someone who doesn’t appreciate her. A good mother and a good teacher. Introverted. Wants more out of life. Wants to be authentic, but fearful when doing something new. Leads with her heart more than her head. A follower, not a leader. Never been with a woman before. Reluctant at first. Courageous. Loves to laugh, although can be too serious. Can laugh at herself.

Julia’s character traits: artistic, creative, intelligent, take-charge, extroverted, funny. Capable. Has a good sense of who she is. Independent. More successful at work than in relationships. A leader, not a follower. Never married. Usually the most beautiful woman in a room. Sara is her first relationship with a woman. Loyal. Tolerant. Leads more with her head than her heart. The heart tends to get her in trouble.

See what I mean? These women could be friends! Sara and Julia’s story is different from the storyline of Caroline and Kate, but it similar in many ways.

Please consider reading my novel, Seeking Sara Summers. And if you do, I’d love to hear what you think.