From acclaimed author Susan Gabriel comes this exquisite 21st century love story


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I received my copy yesterday afternoon. I sat down to start reading it after dinner and didn’t put it down until I had finished! A beautiful tale that took me on a real roller coaster ride of emotions. Italy was just divine I was transported there, the wine, the food, crazy Italian taxi drivers. You made me believe in love again. Thank you so much for your talent.



Gabriel renders Sara’s growing attraction and conflict with insight. There is a real sense of what is at stake for all three of these characters: Sara, Julia and Grady. A beautiful and powerful story.

Heather O’Neill

Book Reviewer,


Reason #1

You are looking for WELL-WRITTEN entertainment.

Reason #2

You enjoy reading love stories with realistic characters, people like you, not celebrities.

Reason #3

You love northern Italy, whether you’ve been there or not.

Reason #4

Last Tango in Halifax meets Under the Tuscan Sun!


In this elegant love story, the reader is taken into the soul of relationship. Sara Summers Stanton has raised three children and works as a high school teacher at the same school she attended growing up. Her 25 year marriage is showing cracks in the façade and now she’s dealing with breast cancer.

In a rare moment of taking care of herself instead of everyone else, Sara takes a sabbatical and goes on the trip to Italy she has always dreamed of taking. This search for a more authentic life leads to Julia, a friend she hasn’t seen since they were inseparable as girls, nearly 30 years earlier. They reunite in Florence and their friendship continues where they left off, resulting in an unexpected attraction to one another that threatens to turn Sara’s already shaky world upside down.

Sara’s inner conflict and subsequent choices reveal an unpredictable yet dynamic future for all the characters. Seeking Sara Summers is an emotional and lyrical novel, a timeless late in life lesbian story about love, commitment and transformation.


My retired husband predicts that you have a best seller on your hands (at chapter 20). He grabbed up your book the minute it arrived. Then he adds, you just don’t want to put it down, it is so well written. While I sit here and drool, waiting my turn.

Josephine L.

Summerville, SC

I just finished reading Seeking Sara Summers, and wanted to drop you a note to thank you for an excellent story. I loved every moment, it was so very intimate to be inside Sara’s head all through her journey.


Madrid, Spain

I didn’t get much sleep last night! I started Seeking Sara Summers and couldn’t put it down!, the descriptions are just enough to let the mind fill in, and the story, is so universal, and at the same time, NOT . . .I loved it.

Deb Hall

Colorado Springs, CO

Thank you for capturing so memorably the confusion, frustration, fears and longings–and ultimately the beauty of a woman’s life.

Zoe J.

Greensboro, NC

What a great story, a love story that spans time and distance! The characters are fully imagined but also real, and have stayed with me long after I finished the book. As they make their way from confinement to freedom, resignation to aliveness, they push the edge of the possibilities we all have within us for a fuller life. I think many readers will see themselves and will be inspired to climb whatever walls they need to scale to be who they really are. The writing is vivid and lyrical. The scenes set in Italy made me want to run out and buy a plane ticket.

J. Reid

Black Mountain, NC

I started reading Seeking Sara Summers with my breakfast tea and couldn’t put it down until I had finished it—even missed my trip to the gym. I laughed and cried and felt warmed by the Tuscan sun.

Ann B.

Asheville, NC


Susan Gabriel authorAcclaimed author Susan Gabriel grew up in the archetypal American South, playing in the shade of mimosa trees and catching lightning bugs as the heat waned on long summer evenings.

In Charleston, SC, Gabriel was a professional flutist playing at the famous Piccolo Spoleto festival, as well as many private gigs in historic homes and sailboats. Gabriel completed a degree in counseling, in part to understand the wide array of characters in her Appalachian gene pool, and became a marriage and family therapist. She was the founder of the Women’s Center in Charleston, South Carolina, which still provides services to women over twenty years later.

Gabriel answered the long-time call to writing, closed her successful counseling practice, and moved with her daughters to Asheville, North Carolina. She simplified her life and took part-time jobs in order to focus the main portion of her day on writing. She worked at a copy shop, made gourmet dog biscuits, cashiered at a home-improvement mega store, and did freelance editing.

Gabriel’s novel, Seeking Sara Summers, the transformative story of a mid-life woman, was published in 2008 and continues to be a best seller.

Her second novel, The Secret Sense of Wildflower, the story of a precocious adolescent grieving for her father in 1941 Tennessee, was published in 2012 and earned a starred review (for “books of remarkable merit”) from the esteemed reviewer, Kirkus Reviews, and was named one of their Best Books of 2012.

Susan is also the author of Quentin and the Cave Boy, Circle of the Ancestors and Fearless Writing for Women. Discover all five of her books at Susan Gabriel’s website.